Step #1

Please take a look at my gallery of pet sketches and you will notice they are typically bust views attempting to capture the familiar essence of your pet, or pets. Full body sketches will be custom priced (email me).

All pet sketches are 8"x 10" original graphite sketches on white archival paper, matted to 16"x 20" (choice of mat color).

Single Pets $125,  Two Pets are $195


I do not offer framing options at this time.

Please note that if demand grows, it may take longer for me to complete your sketch, but I will keep in touch!

Step #2

The second step is to find your favorite photo or to take some photo of your pet. Photos are the KEY to great sketches! Ideally outside photos have better lighting and crisper images. Try avoid zooming in as this reduces the quality of the photo. Crouch down to your pet's level paying attention to the head tilt, eyes and mouth.

I like to recommend that folks take a moment, close their eyes are recall their pet's face and then attempt to capture that pose in your photo. Does your little chap drag his tongue around, or pull her ears back with a tilted head? Try to capture Your pet!

Step #3

Once you have your favorite photo selected, I suggest sending additional photos from other angles to provide details.

You will need to select what color mat you would like (think simple colors blue, wine, black) as I only have a limited selection at this time).

10% of your proceeds will be donated either to Pet Rescue by Judy or the 501(c) pet rescue of your choice. Please also note your choice of donation.

After you have made payment via Paypal:, send me an email with the photos (identify the image for the sketch), note your choice of mat color, and your pet rescue donation choice.

I am attempting to have each pet sketch completed within 2 weeks time. If I cannot complete your sketch within that time period, I will let you know a date when I can complete your pet sketch. If that date is unacceptable to you, I will refund your total costs at that time.

Milo Classic Bust

Single Pet Sketch in a classic bust style

This is a typical single pet sketch in a classic bust view with an artistic blurred back ground.

Single Pet Sketch Price: $125

Multiple Pets

Multiple Pets requested in a whimsicle style

In this multiple pet sketch, I've attempted to capture a realistic representation of the their faces, especially their eyes, while incorporating whimsicle swirls as requested.

Multiple Pet Sketch Price: $195

A more rugged profile sketch style

This single profile view was requested with aggressive stark lines to match the ruggedness of an incredible wolf-dog. The facial markings, eyes, ear-tilt, and slight mouth opening capture the realism of the pet. The abstract harsh lines, and black background providing negative space complete the look!

Wolf-Dog Profile