Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. If you find that you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me directly at Miss.ChelseaSmith@live.com

How much does a pet sketch portrait cost?

I currently offer pet sketches in one size 8" x 10" that are matted to 16" x 20", which is a standard size for ease of framing.

A single pet sketch is $125, two pets in a sketch is $195, email for more than two pets in a sketch.

How long does it take to get a pet sketch portrait?

I am currently attempting to get all pet sketches completed and mailed out to you within 2 weeks of placing your orders. If at the time you place your order I cannot complete your pet portrait within that time frame, I will email you an estimated time frame. You can cancel your order at that time if my estimated completion date is unacceptable and I will refund your entire cost.

Do you send your pet sketch portraits worldwide?

Yes! At this time shipping cost within the continental US is included within the cost. However, international shipping costs will have to be calculated. Please let me know where you are located when you place your order.

Do you work from photos?

Yes! Providing highly detailed and well lighted photos are the KEY to your best possible Pet Sketch Portrait. I will create your Pet Sketch Portrait from one MAIN photo, but additional images are also very helpful. Remember to identify your MAIN photo if you send more than one image.

How do I make payment?

At this time I am only accepting PayPal payments to Miss.ChelseaSmith@live.com. Once you have your MAIN photo to be used for your Pet Sketch Portrait, include what color mat you would like around your portrait, let me know what  address I will be shipping to, them email me all this information once you have completed your PayPal payment - please see costs above.

Do you offer refunds?

Please note the only time a refund is offered is at the time that payment is made. In the event that I cannot completed your pet sketch within 2 weeks, I will send you an estimated completion date, if this date is unacceptable for you I will offer a total refund of payment.

Please also note that once you have agreed to the estimated completion date of your Pet Sketch Portrait, I will begin work on your portrait and no refunds will be available.

Can I use my Pet Sketch Portrait commercially?

No!  All customers retain all rights to their original photos, but I retain all commercial rights to the original Pet Sketch Portraits that I create, typically for use on my website and social media. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about rights and usage.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! I am your sole customer representative as The Poofy Cat will typically just ignore everyone!