Your Very Own Pet Sketch

I hand draw fine art pet portraits of your pet based on your own favorite photograph!

Once you have the perfect photo of your pet, I use graphite pencils to create your portrait.

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Pet Sketch Gifts

It is very exciting to gift a pet portrait that realistically captures someone's pet. I do this often and it is very rewarding.

If you or someone you love's pet has crossed over the rainbow bridge, an "In Memoriam" pet sketch provides a truly special gift.

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Benefit Pet Rescues

I donate 10% of all proceeds to Pet Rescue by Judy, or the 501(c) pet rescue of your choice!

I have created original Celebrity pet sketches for those generous folks with Foundation donations.

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Since 1993

My Main Message

I started sketching pets to raise money for pet rescues when I was 12 years old. It was a very rewarding way for me to help out.

The Orlando Sentinel newspaper featured me in an article on the Orlando Science Center's Pet Fair and the response was overwhelming. I had obtained over 4 months of pet sketch work, which I consider to be an art apprenticeship of sorts. I continued pet sketches as fund raising for pet rescues throughout middle school, high school, and college.

Over time I did less and less pet sketch fund raising as I had to focus my time and energies toward college as a fine arts graduate of the University of Central Florida, and participating within the Fine Art Festival circuit. I have always supported myself from the sale of my original artwork. Please visit my website.

As I was reflecting on some recent artist interview questions, I remembered the rewarding sense of purpose that sketching pets had for me. So, I am now returning to pet sketching as fund raising for pet rescues with the launch of PetSketch.Art.

Initially I am donating 10% of all proceeds to Pet Rescue by Judy (or the 501(c) pet rescue of your choice). Over time as I recoup my initial start up costs, I intend to increase the amount of donated proceeds. I will also donate any additional funds or tips paid over the cost of sketches as well. Please also reach out to me if I can help in your own pet rescue events.

Welcome to PetSketch.Art!


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